NamePH 5 pendant light

Price: from 256USD

PH 5 pendant light, designed in 1958, is a Danish design icon that has gained immense global popularity. The pendant’s structure is both elegant and innovative: the beautiful, layered shades prevent glare and provide a pleasant lighting in any room. The name of the pendant refers to its designer and the main shade’s 50-centimetre diameter. PH 5 pendant light is perfect above a dining table but also suits higher mounting in various architectural spaces. 


NameFlowerpot Pendant Light

Price: from 135USD

The Flowerpot Pendant's playful design exudes Scandinavian simplicity and modern minimalism. Two semicircular spheres made from deep drawn metal meet face-to-face and create the Flowerpot's stunning profile. Add the Flowerpot to your home to elevate the decor.


Name: Akari Series Floor Lamp

Price: from 312USD

The Akari Floor Lamp is part of the Akari light sculptures, designed in 1951 by the American Japanese artist. He chose the name ‘Akari’ for these objects, a word that means ‘light’ in Japanese, connoting both illumination and physical lightness.