Modern Scandinavian/Nordic style is very distinctive and renowned in the design world. Last few years it has gathered a lot of support from the design community and I am extremely happy to see it grow. My style is very influenced by Nordic design although I still retain strong bonds to contemporary american, industrial and minimalism. It is no wonder Modern Scandinavian design has captured so much of my attention as it is born from the basic principles of modernism fused with traditional materials and can have the look of contemporary interior design.


We took a long weekend to visit the cabin, but before we left home I had to go by the post office and collect my latest purchases. Since my favorite online store was still running a discount campaign, I put an order for a lamp I have had my eye on for a long time, the Flowerpot in grey matte color. I immediately unwrapped it and placed it in the nearest windowsill I found and it looked too good to move afterwards. I also got my planner from Marjolein Delhaas , this time around in Almond Black. but I noticed it got a little dirty from everyday use and I honestly loved the new color too much to pass. This little planner has been my go to for every note and detail I might want to remember , it is so handy and versatile. I had to put an early order since they go out of stock super fast, so if you want to make sure you will get one in the color you prefer, you might want to do so as well!