Akari Light Sculptures

You find places where you can buy Akari Light Sculptures and their similar products at affordable prices. Some large websites can buy paper lamps for hundreds or thousands of dollars, but here you can find Isamu Noguchi's Akari Light Sculptures or lighting sculptures that best suit your needs and budget.

Suspension Akari 55A

à partir de $168.00

Lampe de table Akari


Lampadaire de la série Akari

à partir de $312.00

Suspension Akari 15A

à partir de $189.00

Lampadaire Akari UF3-Q

à partir de $480.00

Akari 25N Table Lamp


Plafonnier Akari E


Find the best Akari Light Sculptures and its other collections

The place to buy Akari Light Sculptures and similar products at affordable prices. Here you can find Akari Light Sculptures or Light Sculptures by Isamu Noguchi that best suits your needs and budget.

Buy Akari Light Sculpture at a great price.

It costs hundreds of dollars to bring home a lamp from the gift shop of Noguchi Museum, while most archival works on some auction sites may cost thousands of dollars, and because it takes a long time to wait for the lamp to receive the lamp because it is out of stock, we are a professional lamp manufacturer, we can quickly produce and make paper lamps, you can receive akari lamp in weeks to experience them better. 

The best Akari Light Sculptures alternative in Noguchi

Whether you want to decorate your home with a bit of minimalism, medieval design or you're tired of table lamps that look like infusion stands, Isamu Noguchi's akari lamp is the way to project your home and your life in a more magical way. Here are some of our favorite affordable analogues and alternatives, from pendant light to oversized floor lamps and more.

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