Dining Room Ceiling Lamp

Suspension Nelson

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Ribbed Ceiling Light


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Suspension orbe


What is the rule for lights on a dining room?

Base your lighting around your dining table: Design the lighting layout around the dining table rather than the entire room. This usually involves using a chandelier, pendant lights, or a series of pendants hanging relatively low, with the bottom of the light fixture typically positioned around 36 inches above the table.

Use a single large pendant light over a small dining table: For smaller round tables, it is recommended to use a single centrally placed pendant light that is proportionate to the table size. When in doubt, choose a larger pendant light for better visual impact.

Use multiple pendants in odd numbers: If you have a long rectangular dining table, consider using a large chandelier or a row of matching pendant lights. Odd numbers of pendants, such as three or five in a line, often work best for longer tables.

Use pendant lights to demarcate a dining area in an open plan space: In open plan living spaces or kitchen-diners, a large pendant light above the dining table can help define the dining area and create separation from the rest of the room.

Use a dimmer to control mood and flatter your guests: Install a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting intensity based on the occasion and time of day. Low-level warm light is ideal for creating an intimate atmosphere and making everyone look more flattering.

Make a statement with dramatic lighting: The dining table light fixture provides an opportunity to add a touch of drama to the room. Consider unique options like chandeliers or customized pendant lights without necessarily breaking the bank.

Layer light with table lamps and wall lights: To address different lighting needs and create varied moods, incorporate additional light sources such as table lamps and wall lights that complement the pendant lights in the dining room. By following these guidelines, you can create a well-illuminated dining room with the right ambiance using appropriate lights for the dining room.

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