Trouvez la lampe parfaite pour éclairer une pièce avec un bras oscillant, un trépied et des lampadaires réglables.
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Where is the best place to put a floor lamp?

The best place to put a floor lamp depends on the intended purpose and the layout of your room. Here are some common and ideal locations to consider:

Next to Seating Areas: Place a floor lamp beside sofas, armchairs, or reading nooks to provide localized task lighting for reading, crafting, or other activities.

In Dark Corners: Use a floor lamp to brighten up dark corners or areas with inadequate overhead lighting. It can help balance the room's illumination and create a cozy atmosphere.

Behind Furniture: Position a floor lamp behind furniture, such as a sofa or a side table, to add depth and visual interest to your space.

Near Workspaces: Place a floor lamp near a desk or workspace to provide focused lighting for tasks that require extra illumination.

As an Accent Piece: Use a unique or artistic floor lamp as a decorative accent piece to enhance the room's overall aesthetics.

Against a Wall: When space is limited, positioning the floor lamp against a wall can save space while providing ample illumination. As a Room Divider: In open-plan living spaces, a floor lamp can serve as a subtle room divider, defining separate functional areas.

At Entryways: Welcome guests with a floor lamp at the entryway to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

In Reading Nooks: If you have a dedicated reading corner, placing a floor lamp nearby ensures sufficient lighting for comfortable reading sessions.

Near Mirrors: Position a floor lamp near mirrors to enhance lighting for grooming or dressing areas.

Remember to consider the lamp's cord length and proximity to power outlets when deciding on the lamp's location. Additionally, avoid placing floor lamps in high-traffic areas where they might get bumped or knocked over easily. Ultimately, the best location for a floor lamp depends on how it serves your lighting needs and enhances the overall design and functionality of your space.

More article:The top 5 floor lamps for living room

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