Small spaces and apartments come with their own set of challenges—strict landlords, low ceilings, or just a lack of surface area. Good lighting is one of the simplest ways to elevate a space, making your design feel more intentional and your room look more spacious.

People often fall into the small space design trap of function-over-form. But following rules too strictly can leave your space feeling a bit lifeless. Personal touches are what makes an apartment feel like home, so go with what feels right, and keep these small apartment lighting ideas in mind while you shop.

Keep it Simple with Sconces

Often, the first place to get cluttered when life gets busy is the bedside table. By the time you climb into bed at night, you’re ready to relax. So what if there are a few too many empty glasses, or a stack of half-read books teetering over the edge or your bedside table? And in the morning, it’s time to get up and go—no time to tidy.

Unfortunately, waking up and falling asleep to a cluttered bedside table can cause stress and irritation to build up day by day. The best way to keep this area clear and stress-free is to prevent clutter from building up in the first place.

You may not expect it, but strategic lighting for small spaces is a great way to guarantee that your bedside tables stay open and organized. Wall sconces hung on either side of the headboard are a timeless, chic design choice.

You'll love its functional benefits, but it's the stylish design options that will really draw you in. Wall sconces can be simple old-fashioned sconces with LED Edison bulbs for a vintage look.

Alternatively, try a silver, gold, copper or wrought iron swing arm wall sconce that acts as direct task lighting for bedtime reading.

If wall sconces aren't your thing, you can achieve the same finishing effect by hanging pendant lights from the ceiling on either side of the bed.

Whether you choose sconces or pendants to clear up surface space in your bedroom, look at it as an opportunity to make a design statement, and not as a last resort to make your small space “work.” Sconces and pendants come in a variety of gorgeous shapes, colors, and finishes.

Something simple will lend itself to a minimalist space. Go the maximalist route with something sculptural, bright, or mismatched. Whatever you choose, make sure your fixtures have complementary light bulbs. In the bedroom, it’s best to go for something warm and soft—we already get enough blue light from our phones at bedtime.