Pendant lights and chandeliers have been popular home lighting options for generations. But rumors and questions keep swirling around these illuminati bad boys:

We haven’t seen a rivalry like this since Kanye West barged onstage to steal the spotlight from Taylor Swift. That’s right: It’s pendants vs. chandeliers in a no-holds-barred faceoff for bragging rights as the ruler of modern home lighting trends.

Why Use Pendant Lighting?

Chandeliers offer a variety of lighting functions. This type of ceiling light usually features a single bulb suspended from a rope or chain and covered by a downward-facing shade. The chandelier's petite size (at least compared to most chandeliers) makes it incredibly versatile

Metavaya offers you a variety of shapes, finishes and bulb types to choose from to suit your style. If you like a clean, modern look but want focused task lighting or accent light to enhance the aesthetics of a room, a chandelier is a great choice.


Where to use chandeliers?

Pendant lights can provide excellent lighting in small spaces like dorm rooms and areas where desk or floor space is at a premium because they are hardwired directly through the ceiling of your home.

1.Want to read in a cozy corner where a floor lamp or table lamp would be too bulky? The TR32 Pendant lamp can help you. The TR32 is an elegant and sculptural lamp. The lamp body is large, large in volume, good in lighting and good in integrity. The textured white screen ensures soft and comfortable diffused light.

2.The kitchen is also the place where chandeliers are most commonly used. Although the space is small, lighting is used everywhere, and it is also the place where lighting is least easy. There is not enough space to install a chandelier, and it is difficult to place a table lamp or floor lamp. The Brixton Pendant Lamp is inspired by Victorian railways and South London residential architecture. Taking the octagonal turrets that appear on buildings in the area as the starting point for the design, it has a strong sense of engineering beauty. It is small in size and will not block when hung. It is also a good Pendant Lamp for lighting in the kitchen space.

3.In addition, stairwell lighting is also a problem for most people. More people use wall lamps to decorate, but it is too monotonous to always use wall lamps to decorate the house. Designed with light in mind, the highly regarded Pleated Crystal Pendant Light sparkles as it refracts the light that passes through it, giving off a warm and playful glow that looks different from every angle. Great for decorating stairwells.

 Compared with chandeliers, Pendant Light are more suitable for places that require lighting and have small spaces.


Are Pendant Lights Out of Style?

Chandeliers are the protagonists of the lighting world. These beauties love to make a grand entrance and have all eyes on them as they light up the room. The biggest difference between a chandelier and a pendant light is complexity. A chandelier consists of just a string and light bulb, whereas a chandelier usually includes multiple branched arms, each with a light bulb. With some exceptions, chandeliers tend to be more ornate than those with a more formal vibe. If you're looking for a visual focal point that makes a statement in the center of a room, a chandelier is definitely a future choice.

Traditionally – and we mean since the Middle Ages – chandeliers have been hung above dining tables to illuminate and enhance mealtimes. But many of the latest chandelier trends have expanded into other rooms, often placing them in unexpected settings. When you want to give your home a stunning glow, consider these unusual chandelier placements

Master suite

Kaiser Chandelier was built in Germany in the 1960s. Its space-age design and opaque balls are mesmerizing. The round body of the lamp (including the arm) is made of solid metal and is available in a variety of colors. Let you match your bedroom as you like. Whether creating a luxurious feel in the walk-in closet or a luxurious romance above the bed, these are masterpieces of bold design.


The Sanger chandelier conveys timeless elegance and dramatic composure. A bold update to the classic chandelier, faceted crystal envelope and waterfall on a polished nickel frame. Place gorgeous lights at your doorstep or hallway to create a luxurious ambience throughout your home.

In short, Pendant Light and chandeliers each have their own advantages. Pendant Light are simple and easy to place, while chandeliers are gorgeous and luxurious. As long as it is installed in the right location, it can achieve good results.