At Metavaya you'll find a collection of sweet and charming children's room lighting fixtures you won't want to compromise on quality or safety. Our children deserve the best lighting possible, and that's exactly what you'll find here. Read our guide to find lots of inspiration and great lighting ideas for your child's room.

LED Kids Lights – Yes or No?

There are no hard and fast rules on whether LEDs should be used in children’s lights, but we recommend them. LEDs save a lot of energy, so you can easily keep the lights on all night without having to worry about your electricity bill. They also have a long service life – 25,000 hours on average. Additionally, LED bulbs do not generate heat like traditional incandescent bulbs, so your child will not be burned by the light source. We highly recommend using LEDs – not just in the kids’ room, but throughout the house.


Design lighting fixtures for kids’ rooms – our top picks

Our number one recommendation for table lamps for children’s rooms is the Cute Critters collection. One of our colleagues placed a Teddy Table Lamp on the bed in her son's room

As you can see here, the Teddy Table Lamp is a cute little bear that is 23-32 cm tall. It emits a warm, atmospheric light at night and looks just as great when closed during the day - a cute friend every child will love.

Teddy is thoroughly tested and approved. This light is a great option - you don't have to worry about safety or energy bills, and since they never get hot, your kids can cuddle with them whenever they want. Trust us - they'll become your child's best friends in no time.



Another popular children's room lamp is the Feather Pendant Lamp. As many have said, the Feather Lamp is a fluffy and fun lamp that looks great almost anywhere in the home, especially in children's rooms.

Feather Pendant Lamp is available in white and black sizes. In addition to the Feather Pendant Lamp, there's also a table-mounted Ostrich Feather Table Lamp and a floor-standing Ostrich Feather Floor Lamp - either of which will look great in your child's room


We mention testing and approval again because we know that some people buy replicas/counterfeits or other kids lights from gadget websites. Many of these lights are not made from approved materials and may be toxic. In the worst case scenario, these lights have not been tested and approved for safety and could cause a fire.

Better to pay a little more and get a proper lamp for your child – just our opinion/recommendation that we hope can be helpful to customers who may not be aware of the situation.