When installing lighting, there is always the question of how to define style. Different styles will bring different feelings. There are endless styles of modern lighting, each with its own unique charm and character.

Modern minimalist style

This style is characterized by simple, clear lines and geometric shapes. Common ones are black and white and gray tones, combined with metal or glass materials. The lamps have a simple shape and are full of modernity. Cream Beans Chandelier, Cloud Kumo Ceiling Light, Lik Wall Sconce, Iris Floor Light, etc. are all representative modern minimalist lighting. Simple and uncomplicated, it can bring a comfortable atmosphere to people

Retro Style

The opposite of modern minimalist style is retro style. This style dates back to the mid-20th century to the 1970s and features vintage and nostalgic themes. Warm colors, streamlined shapes and retro patterns are its characteristics, reflecting the sense of age in a variety of lamps. Remington Iron Round Chandelier hangs in the air like candles. The American Magari Wall Lamp is inspired by a vintage candle holder found by Athena Calderone of Eyeswoon. These are representatives of retro style lighting

Art deco style

Compared with the previous two styles of lighting, decorative lighting can well reflect the beauty of the room. This type of lighting focuses on art and design, and may have unique shapes, rich colors and textures. Cirkus Chandelier takes a playful approach to functionality and technology, with U-shaped modules that can be moved and oriented in different directions. Resin Robot Table Lamp is like a friend in your room spending every night with you. The Bell Orchid Floor Lamp, which looks like flowers, blooms in the room. The lighting itself is a work of art for the room, adding unique character and charm to the space.

Industrial style

There is also an industrial style lamp, which is usually made of metal, iron or concrete, emphasizing a rough and rustic appearance. This type of lamp often has exposed wires, pipes and other designs, giving it a rough industrial aesthetic.

 Eva Pendant Light is an industrial-style chandelier that combines modernity with retro style. It is suitable for home spaces that pursue unique style and personalized decoration.

The Kasa Pendant Lamp is another pendant lamp that displays an industrial-style appeal, using metal for its casing, giving it strong and durable properties. Exposed light bulbs are designed to highlight the original feel and charm of the industrial style.

Choosing the right home style and personal preference lighting can not only add highlights to your home, but also inject different moods and atmospheres into your life. No matter which style you prefer, lighting is one of the keys to interior decoration, giving your space a sense of character and comfort.