Blossi lamps are a range of modernly designed lighting products, often known for their simple, elegant appearance. The soft lines and delicate materials of these lamps allow them to create a warm, comfortable light atmosphere in the space. Its design focuses on the combination of functionality and beauty, and is often used in living rooms, bedrooms or office spaces to add modernity and unique design charm to the environment.Today let us take a look at the Blossi series of lamps.


"For me, the chandelier is a beautiful symbol of generosity and a work of art. That's why I always design a collection around the chandelier," says the designer. Inspired by the legendary Nordic light , Blossi Chandeliers blends time-honored artisanal techniques such as mouth-blown glass with state-of-the-art technology.



Floor lamp

the Blossi Floor Lamp has created a floor lamp that gives a fantastic light and a nice warmth to the room it hangs in. Great craftsmanship goes into the Nuura Blossi floor lamp and the chosen materials are of the highest quality. The floor lamp has a calm and simplistic look, and with its indirect light, it gives off an extremely pleasant light. Blossi from Nuura has the newest built-in LED technology, which can be seen on the specially developed LED module with has been built into the lamp itself. The LED light source have been placed to avoid glare, and lights up the glass and the metal, which gives great diffusion of light. The Blossi floor lamp is a truly unique lamp, where the designer, Sofie Refen, has cared for every detail. The lamp is perfect as mood lighting in the living room or as elegant ligting in the hallway.



Blossi Pendant light

The appearance of Blossi Pendant Light which is made from metal and glass is composed a sturdy rod with a lamp inside the transparent glass lampshade.The finish of it is gold.The LED chips light radiates warmly instead of dazzling feeling. It can be placed at the dining room and the kitchen. The light will create a comfortable environment to have meals at the dining room or do the kitchen chores at the kitchen. Biossi Light embraces the latest LED technology, which is expressed through the specially developed LED module. It is placed in the lamp so that the light reflects in the screen of glass and metal, and spreads a beautiful and soft, indirect light in its surroundings.



Table lamp

Blossi Table lamp is full of royal atmosphere and adds a sense of luxury to the home. Featuring a sleek, minimalist design with a laminated light and matte finish, the Blossi Table lamp is a textured home décor masterpiece. Combining elements of artistic freedom and functional excellence, the Blossi Table lamp prides itself on its luxurious interior design and is a leading contemporary piece for bedrooms and living rooms. Blossi adds depth and character to the home, ushering in an era of diversity for the modern home.



Wall light

This Blossi wall light is the perfect addition to any modern living space. The clear glass lampshade allows warm light to shine in, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The stylish design and high-quality materials make it a durable and long-lasting piece that will complement any décor.



The Blossi lighting collection is known for its modern design, soft light and elegant appearance. These lamps create a comfortable atmosphere in the space, focusing on the perfect combination of beauty and practicality. Suitable for many occasions, adding modernity and unique charm to indoor environments.