Kitchen Light

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it’s relaxing, working, or cooking. That’s why a room like the kitchen needs good lighting that works for all these separate occasions. There are three kinds of lighting that every kitchen should have—the base light, the work light, and the atmospheric light. The kitchen needs good lighting, so you have an overview of the kitchen itself and of its shelves and cupboards. We have lamps for all kinds of kitchen lighting, and we’ve compiled some inspiration below to help you figure out what works for your kitchen in terms of style, choice of bulb, and the different types of kitchen lighting out there.



The base light is often created using a ceiling lamp or pendant. These lamps create the core light in the room that lights up the room itself while contributing to the atmosphere in the kitchen.


It’s essential to have a good work light in the kitchen, as this is the light you use when preparing food on the kitchen counter. The work light needs to illuminate the workspace effectively with a bright glow and the right colour temperature. The work light can come from above or straight ahead, but it’s important to avoid shadows to maximise the effectiveness of the light. Work lights should be placed above the kitchen counter, stove, and sink.


Contributes a cosy touch of character that can often be combined with the base light using a light dimmer. Create a fantastic atmosphere in your kitchen with an atmospheric light.



Pendant for the kitchen – classic, retro, or modern?

When it comes to the kitchen table and pendants, remember to keep the suspension height in mind. As a rule of thumb, lamps need to be 75-80 cm above the tabletop to ensure the best work light. To avoid shadows, measure the width of the surface and divide by 3. Use the result to measure out from the wall—this is where the pendant should hang to avoid shadows. Of course, this is only a general piece of advice, and it could very well be that your home needs a different setup. You’re always welcome to get in touch for advice about mounting and choice of lamp.

It's a good idea to mount multiple lamps next to each other a little gap between them, as this ensures a uniform glow. There are many options when it comes to using pendants in the kitchen, and they’re available in all sorts of styles.



Bola Disc Pendant Lamp

The Birla Disk Pendant is a perfect fixture for kitchen lighting. It adopts a modern and simple design style and is made of high-quality materials. This chandelier has a wide, round shade that effectively diffuses light, providing even and soft lighting. Pendant lights installed in the kitchen usually cover a larger area. Bora disc chandeliers can provide bright and soft light to the entire kitchen, providing a good lighting environment for cooking and housework. Its modern design is not only practical, but also adds a stylish and contemporary feel to the kitchen.

Cale Suspension Lamp

Carle pendant lamps are ideal for kitchen lighting. This chandelier has a modern and minimalist design, its structure is sturdy and functional. Carle pendant lights provide bright, concentrated lighting suitable for installation above kitchen worktops or dining tables.

Magari Wall Lamp

The Magari Wall Lamp is a sophisticated piece of lighting fixture, the design of this wall sconce is simple yet elegant, combining modern and traditional styles. Mounted on a kitchen wall, Magari wall lights can provide localized lighting for worktops or cooking areas, allowing you to see ingredients and work areas more clearly. Its soft light provides moderate lighting for the kitchen while giving the space a warm and modern feel. This wall sconce is both functional and decorative, adding a sophisticated lighting effect to the kitchen.

Smithfield Ceiling Lamp

Smithfield ceiling lights are an excellent kitchen lighting option. Its design is simple and elegant, the lampshade is spacious, and it can emit soft and even light. Installed on the kitchen ceiling, this pendant light can cover a large area and provide bright and comfortable lighting for the entire kitchen. This uniform lighting allows you to see the cooking surface and ingredients more clearly, providing a good lighting environment.


Choosing the right lighting fixtures in your kitchen is crucial. Proper lighting not only provides a bright and comfortable environment, but also improves work efficiency and cooking experience. A variety of lamp types are available, such as hanging lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, etc., and their lighting effects are also different. Whether you need overall lighting covering a large area or localized accent lighting, you can find the right lighting fixture for your kitchen. Uniform and soft light can provide a good lighting environment for the kitchen, making it easier for you to handle cooking tasks. When considering lighting fixtures, in addition to practicality, pay attention to their design and decorative effects to ensure that the lighting fixtures not only provide practical functionality, but also add beauty and modernity to the kitchen. To sum up, proper selection and placement of lighting fixtures is crucial to creating a comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space.