At this joyful end of the year and merry Christmas, Metavaya recommends lamps that are both artistic and practical. From classic to modern, these lights will brighten up your Christmas decor.

Main lighting

A room must have a main lighting to enrich the entire room, just like a picture needs a background to support the main subject. Generally, chandeliers are used as main lighting.

Ostrich Feather Chandeliers

Feathers always give people a relaxing feeling, and the end of the year is a time for people to relax. Correspondingly, during Christmas, everyone needs a relaxing atmosphere. Ostrich Feather Chandeliers have all the above elements and are also very dazzling decorations when not illuminated. It can give everyone a wonderful Christmas.

Dora chandelier

If the feather lamp brings a sense of relaxation, then the Dora chandelier can bring a luxurious and gorgeous feeling at Christmas. The shining crystal refracts the light, making anyone unable to stop when they see it.

Local lighting

For a room, chandeliers describe the atmosphere of a room. Then table lamps, wall lamps, and floor lamps are the embellishments of a room. Reasonable use of these local lighting will better light up Christmas.

The Galerie Fontana Wall Lamp looks like a dripping bucket hanging on the wall, which not only adds an interesting style to the room, but also brings a little light when night comes.

During Christmas, it is inevitable to drink tea and chat with friends in the garden outside the house, and at this time, you need a portable lighting. Tanit Rechargeable Table Lamp is a portable rechargeable table lamp. Soft light diffuses through hand-woven cotton screens. A qualified portable desk lamp due to its lightness, size and autonomy

Every Christmas, children are the happiest because they can play with their best friends and receive prepared gifts during this holiday. Choosing a lovely lighting can also add a beautiful atmosphere to this joyful festival. Pet Table Light is a series of table lamps designed by Marcel Wanders. Choose your favorite character from Penguin, Rabbit and Owl and enjoy a fairyland full of charm!

Almost every house has a Christmas tree at Christmas, and the Christmas tree has the meaning of happy reunion, everlasting friendship, and gratitude. But Christmas trees are only placed indoors at the end of the year. The Candy Floor Lamp shines in a variety of colors like a Christmas tree, has a beautiful appearance, and can also be illuminated. It is a very good lighting fixture.

Add color to your holiday decorations

Whether you prefer traditional classics or modern art, our lamps can add a unique touch to your holiday decor. Welcome to shop and make our lights the perfect decoration for you this Christmas season!

Christmas Special

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