There is also a lot of knowledge in choosing lamps. Lamps are soft furnishings, and in modern home decoration, they are not limited to lighting. They often play a decorative role. There are also more and more shapes and types of lamps. A beautiful lamp may become the soul of home decoration, making your house shine and adding a bit of warmth and interest.

Choice of living room lighting fixtures

There is no rule for choosing lighting fixtures in the living room. You can choose according to the size and style of the space. It should be noted that the living room is a place for receiving guests, so the light must be sufficient. Yisu Chandelier is a chandelier composed of multiple lamp heads. The retro-style cognac glass balls create a warm light diffusion effect and can well diffuse light in all directions.

Kitchen lighting options

The kitchen is a place for cooking. From the perspective of energy saving, do not install too many lamps. Try to choose warm light as the light source, this kind of light is very beautiful. The striking long lines of our Colt pendant light cast soft light to the ceiling and below, making it the perfect design to hang above a dining table or kitchen island for great kitchen lighting. Three machined brass grilles wrap the opal diffuser for a sophisticated urban design.

Bedroom lighting options

The bedroom is a private and private space for rest. Softening is the key point of the bedroom lighting arrangement, so as to ensure the owner's emotional relaxation. Therefore, it is best to use warm and warm yellow as the tone for bedroom lighting. This blooming flower ceiling lamp is another new product from Moonlight Studio, giving it an elegant and romantic decorative effect. The size and design make this accent lamp a great accessory for bedrooms and dining rooms, breaking away from life's simple settings and depicting the good life.

As mentioned at the beginning, lamps are not only used for lighting, but also play a decorative role in life. In terms of decoration, you can use local lighting lamps such as wall lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps for decoration. we will recommend several decorative lamps for selection.

Bells Speckled Pendant Lamp

In recent years, Japanese wabi-sabi design has taken the world by storm, especially in Europe, as its simple finishes fit perfectly into light-toned Nordic interiors. Although the Japanese design is simple, it does not forget its sense of design. So, the Japanese designs you see are all artistic decorations. The same goes for this wabi-sabi bell-speckled chandelier. Illogical shapes and idiosyncratic materials form this somewhat postmodern creation. It looks like a bell. In the case of unobtrusive finishes, gray or white can better highlight the texture of its surface and complement its texture. You might think of it as a cement chandelier, but this one is made of lightweight resin and polystyrene materials and is not very heavy even in its large size. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any safety issues hanging from the ceiling.

Bell Orchid Table Lamp

With the advancement of science and technology, the appearance and shape of desk lamps are also constantly developing. They are small, exquisite and easy to carry. The main function of the desk lamp is lighting, which is convenient for reading, studying, working, etc. The desk lamp has far exceeded its own value and has even become a work of art. Functional and beautiful Bell Orchid table lamp. This natural color is a calming choice for any environment. Choose green for a pop of color, or lily of the valley for a cozy feel.

Ocean Flame Floor Lamp

The thin structure composed of stacked incandescent cubes and oceanic flames is reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The intense blue and red projections feel like science fiction, but in fact, they are the embodiment of memory. • Futuristic sci-fi design • Red and blue projector lights. Back in time many years ago, the sky outside the window of the old west building in my hometown was sometimes blue, and sometimes the sun was setting in the west. The poetic space presents a strong and multi-layered visual space, an unforgettable fantasy. Xiao has distilled this pure visual experience into a new series of installations in which stainless steel and optical glass both merge and separate, independent of each other. This special vision presents a warm and cold atmosphere full of thick memories.

With the improvement of people's living standards, only one lamp in the house can meet people's basic needs for lighting. Understand the selection of lighting in each room, so that the lighting can better meet your psychological, physiological and other needs!