We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether relaxing, working or cooking. This is why a room like the kitchen needs good lighting for all these different occasions. Every kitchen should have three types of lighting – basic lighting, task lighting and mood lighting. The kitchen needs good lighting so that you can get an overview of the kitchen itself and its shelves and cabinets. We have fixtures to suit every type of kitchen lighting and we've put together some inspiration below to help you find the right fixture for your kitchen in terms of style, bulb choice and different types of kitchen lighting.


Kitchen pendants - classic, vintage or modern?

When it comes to kitchen tables and pendants, remember to keep the hanging height in mind. As a rule of thumb, the light fixture needs to be 75-80cm from the tabletop to ensure optimal working light. To avoid shadows, measure the width of the surface and divide by 3. Use the resulting measurement from the wall - this is where the pendant should hang to avoid shadows. Of course, this is just a general suggestion and it's likely your home will require a different setup. You are welcome to contact us at any time for advice on installation and bulb selection.

It is best to install multiple bulbs side by side with a little gap between each other as this ensures an even glow. There are many options for using pendants in the kitchen, and they are available in a variety of styles.

There are many models in the PH series, including classic models like the one pictured. Photos and a range of modern, quirky versions. A true design classic created by Poul Henningsen. This is an elegant and timeless pendant with a classic design that suits many decorating styles due to its simple yet unique character.

The photo of PH5 Pendant Light was taken by our lovely customer and provided.

Adele pendant light, it is a charming blend of simplicity and sophistication. Its clear glass shade beautifully showcases the Edison bulb, creating an exposed filament light fixture that radiates charm. The gold metal pole adds a touch of elegance and is available in three different sizes to suit your specific needs. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen islands or tables, this Adele pendant light matches a variety of styles, including Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and contemporary. Made with high-quality amber and clear glass shades and gold-tone metal poles, this chandelier combines durability with timeless beauty.


LED bulbs for kitchen lights

LED bulbs are great for kitchen lights as they emit a comfortable task light that is perfect for this part of the house. In addition to emitting good light, LED bulbs are energy efficient, which is reflected in your electricity bill, and they have a long lifespan of around 15 years. In the kitchen, LED lights provide high-quality light and excellent color rendering.
The LED light source ensures high-quality light and its color rendering makes it ideal for kitchens. LED bulbs also have excellent color temperature, which is very important in the kitchen.

Kitchens need warm matte lights with good color rendering so you can see the food being prepared. We have a range of lights with built-in LED bulbs, or you can choose to add LED bulbs to our range, so take a closer look at our wide range of kitchen lights.

The Donna Pendant Lamp has the feel of a soft, pleated textile, although it is actually made of thin, lightweight metal. Its form was inspired by the chic fabrics used in haute couture and the challenge of creating this softness using hard materials rather than textiles. The Donna Pendant Lights are a stylish, simple, and classic collection that easily blends into any room in the home. This is a lamp that comes in different sizes and colors. It creates light that travels downward and across the kitchen table. Provides perfect lighting for working on your kitchen counter or island.

Linear Pendant Light combines elegance, simplicity and functionality. This light has a modern and unique look and is perfect for mounting above the kitchen island. It's also flexible enough that you can raise and lower it as needed, so you always have soft, glare-free light where you need it. The light source of Linear Pendant Light emits a lovely even glow, creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere.


Consider lighting in the kitchen; ceiling lights or wall sconces

There are countless lighting options for the kitchen, such as ceiling lights, pendant lights or wall lights. There are many practical things to consider in order to create a good working environment in the kitchen, but of course it depends on your ideas and needs. When you're considering lighting options, it's important to consider how your kitchen will be decorated.


Wall lights are currently very popular in kitchen interiors. This is a very practical light in the kitchen as it can usually be rotated, moved and tilted depending on where the light is needed in the kitchen. Wall sconces allow you to get the right amount of light while working or cooking. Wall sconces are a modern and flexible kitchen light.

The Swing Arm Wall Sconce has become more and more popular over time, and that trajectory doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. This wall sconce has a movable arm that you can adjust so you always have light where you need it


Ceiling lights are practical and easy to operate, simply install them on the ceiling and they are ready to use. When choosing kitchen lighting, the flexibility of the fixtures is also very important.

The OLEV Overfly Plus ceiling light is a small central sphere that reflects light into a larger surrounding ring, creating a halo effect of even and indirect lighting that creates a relaxing ambience. The light appears to be framed within its own diameter, its charming and minimalist design doubles as a piece of abstract wall art.