Do you want your child to become an astronaut, rush out of the earth, and see the world? If desired, create an environment that will nurture your child and ignite a passion for exploring the universe. There is a series of astronaut lamps in Matavaya, which are not limited to one kind of lighting and can cultivate interest in 360° without blind spots. Help grow.

Into the abyss of the universe: Astronaut floor lamp accompanies you all the way

Fantasy Astronaut Floor Lamp is like holding a planet, it is a guide that takes you into deep space, it is your partner, and it also lights the way forward.

The deep space universe is full of attractions for people, but the unknown can also bring fear to people. The high-leg shape of the Astronaut Built-in Battery Floor Lamp can bring a good sense of security to children.

The Apollo Astronaut Built-in Battery Floor Lamp looks like it represents success, with the planet firmly in hand.

In the astronaut series lighting, floor lamps can bring the best companionship to children due to their body shape. You just need to choose different styles according to your needs.

Landing on the Moon: Astronaut Table Lamp

There are two styles of astronaut desk lamps, both of which represent the shape of the moon that has been conquered. The moon is also the first step for mankind to set foot in the starry sky. Placing it beside the bed not only provides good local lighting, but also allows children to see it every day. Let success be imprinted in your heart early

Ready for the Relay: Astronaut Wall Lamp

The astronaut series wall lamps are like seniors handing over the torch to the next person to land in the starry sky.

Traveling in the Starry Sky: Astronaut Ceiling Lamp

Starry sky lighting sounds like a romantic and imaginative experience. This lamp is like an astronaut flying in the stars, giving full fantasy


The Astronaut Series lighting is your ticket to a unique interstellar adventure. These lights not only illuminate your space but also take you to the far corners of the universe. Choose your astronaut, light up your dreams, and embark on an interstellar journey. It’s time to make your space an unforgettable cosmic oasis. Explore the series and start your cosmic adventure now!