How To Get Better Bathroom Lighting in Your Home?

Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas – Tips for Better Lighting

No matter what size your bathroom is, lighting is essential to create a bright and airy feel. And for small bathrooms, keeping the colours white or light will also make the space feel bigger.

When it comes to lighting small bathrooms, try to be creative by choosing light fixtures that maximize functionality and aesthetics. Remember, proper electrical installation is very important, particularly in bathrooms where proximity to water occurs requires special attention.

Tip #1 How To Layer Bathroom Lighting?

Layering is the best approach to improving bathroom lighting in your home. You may alternate between bright light for cleaning and gentler levels for a pleasant ambiance, thanks to layers of light regulated by dimmers and individual circuits.

Ample overhead and task lighting is key to a well-functioning bathroom, small or large. When designing the lighting for a bathroom, consider the three main types of lighting:

  • Ambiance
  • Accent
  • Task

Ambiance lighting is the room’s overall lighting, while accent lights can highlight a specific area. Task lighting is essential for daily tasks, like applying makeup, shaving, etc.

Task lighting often centers around the vanity area, as this is where you will need the most light for your daily tasks like styling your hair, washing your face and getting ready, and even checking out cuts and splinters. Install vertical lights instead of ceiling lights or mirrored cabinets to provide function and style.

Tip #2 How To Style Vertical Wall Sconces?

Vertical wall sconces are a refreshing change from the traditional overhead vanity and are great for small bathrooms. They will provide a unique modern look to your bathroom, take up little space, and are best for casting an even light across the face.

Tip #3 Are Pendants And Chandeliers Good For Bathroom Lighting?

A chandelier can be used in a smaller bathroom, but make sure to choose a small fixture that works with the space. To hang a chandelier, you’ll need enough room over your head. If you have high or vaulted ceilings, I definitely recommend considering this type of lighting.

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