1. Introduction
  2. How to arrange wall sconces in bedroom?
  3. Choosing the right color temperature for interior lighting
  4. Tips on cleaning wall sconces
  5. Best wall sconces in 2023
  6. Arrange your wall sconces with artwork
  7. Conclusion

I. Introduction

Wall sconces can add striking visual interest to a bedroom while providing practical lighting. Beyond bare bulbs, these wall-mounted light fixtures come in diverse shapes, sizes, and styles to complement your existing decor. Strategically placing wall sconces and selecting suitable designs creates a pleasing ambiance for restful sleep and adds character to your bedroom.

II. How to arrange wall sconces in bedroom?

Thoughtful placement maximizes the aesthetic impact and illumination function of your wall sconces. Consider installing bedside sconces in these prime positions:

  • Mount matching sconces at equal heights on each side of the bed for symmetry. The ideal location is 18-24 inches above the mattress to cast comfortable reading light without shadows or glare. Place the sconces approximately 18-36 inches outward from the bed's edge so ample light reaches you while sitting against the headboard or lying down. Light sources on both sides ensure easy access no matter which direction you sit or lie.


Wall Sconces for Bedroom


  • Position two sconces equidistant from the center of the headboard to frame it attractively. To create a cohesive look, align the outer edges of the sconces with the advantages of nightstands or other bedroom furniture. Ensure sconces don't extend past the furnishings' edges for a full visual balance. On an extended or oversized headboard, you have more flexibility for creative placements on the outer edges.
  • Beside bedroom furniture, use sconces to accentuate furnishings around the room's perimeter. For example, install sconces 18-24 inches above and slightly outward from a dresser or decorative chair to illuminate the surfaces fully. Or spotlight artwork by placing sconces directly beside or above eye level. Just avoid shining light directly on televisions to prevent glare.
Wall Sconces for Bedroom
  • Near the Vanity/Mirror, Install matching sconces about 60 inches up on each side of the mirror, around 27 inches outward. Angle them to point light downward towards the face for even lighting during grooming and makeup application. Avoid closer than 27 inches to prevent shadows from your head and arms.

III. Choosing the right color temperature for interior lighting

When it comes to lightbulbs for sconces, one of the most important factors is the color temperature - whether the light is warm or cool.

Warm, yellow-toned light in the 2700-3000K range is inviting and cozy. This is closest to natural sunlight. Bulbs emitting warm light are excellent for living rooms, bedrooms, and other relaxing spaces where you want a comfortable atmosphere. The yellow undertones gently illuminate the surroundings without being harsh.

On the other hand, bright white or cool light over 4000K has more of a crisp, pure quality. Areas like home offices, art studios, or kitchens benefit from this as it resembles daylight. These work areas' true colors and details really pop under cool-toned lighting. Cool bulbs are also a good choice for sconces right over makeup vanities.


warm light and cold light


Most interiors call for a mix of both warm and cool lighting. Consider putting soft yellow lamps in the family room paired with bright ceiling fixtures for a balanced look. Or use warm sconces near cozy seating with a cool lamp on the desk. Remember - warmer light at night and cooler light during daytime will make your space visually pleasing, no matter the situation.

By considering these different attributes of light color, you can highlight features to great effect with customized sconces. The right bulbs go far in crafting the ideal ambiance.

IV. Tips on cleaning wall sconces

Dirt buildup and dust diminish a sconce's light output and visual appeal over time. Keep them looking like new with regular cleaning:

  • Turn off electricity to safely wipe down sconces.
  • Use mild soap, water, and a soft cloth to clean glass and metal surfaces.
  • Dust light bulbs and shades with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • For excess dirt, remove bulbs and shades to clean separately.
  • Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive pads.
  • Check for damage like cracks or loose parts while cleaning.
  • Replace bulbs frequently to maintain brightness.

Establish a monthly or quarterly cleaning routine based on your sconce style and environmental dust levels.

V. Best wall sconces in 2023

An abundance of sconce designs means you can find options suiting your bedroom's existing look and color palette. Here are some examples:

  • See-Through Sconces

See-through sconces provide the perfect solution to display ornate wallpaper as a room's focal point. Their transparent construction allows each intricate flourish and trace to be seen with new depth in the subtle lighting. So your beautiful print can truly take center stage, observed in all its glory throughout the evening, thanks to the understated glow of sconces.


Wall Sconces for Bedroom


  • Double-Pronged Sconces

Consider opting for a double-pronged style. These sconces feature two angled arms extending from the base plate, each holding its lamp or candle. The dual lighting elements offer twice the illumination of a traditional single-prong design.

Wall Sconces for Bedroom
  • Brass Globe Sconces

Infuse your space with warmth and nostalgia by outfitting it with beautiful brass globe sconces. Their classic curving forms harken to a bygone era of elegance and old-world charm. As light emerges in a soft glow from the rounded encasings, your entire room takes on an invitingly vintage atmosphere.


Wall Sconces for Bedroom


VI. Arrange your wall sconces with artwork

Strategically grouping sconces with wall art creates an attractive, balanced composition.

  • Try framing a painting or mirror using two matching sconces. Place them approximately 6 inches above and outside the frame edges.
  • Alternate artwork and sconces down a hallway for rhythm. Position the sconces 66-78 inches from the floor to align with eye level.
  • Use proportionally sized sconces around larger statement pieces to highlight them appropriately.

VIII. Conclusion

The strategic placement of well-chosen wall sconces can take your bedroom lighting from purely functional to distinctive and mood-setting. You need to follow the design and installation best practices outlined here to maximize sconces' visual beauty and practical illumination abilities. Proper planning allows you to create the perfect bedside ambiance and character for a rejuvenating sanctuary. You can also be creative with sconce styles and positions to make your bedroom glow.

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