1. Round Chandeliers
  2. Size and Dimensions
  3. Materials, Durability, and Construction
  4. Lighting Choices and Effects
  5. Installation, Wiring, and Safety Guidelines
  6. Affordability and Budget Considerations
  7. Conclusion

Greetings from the realm of circular chandeliers, where style and adaptability are in full display. Round chandeliers effortlessly bring glitz to any space and are renowned for their grace and sophistication. The minimalist Aquitaine, historical Brass Leaves, fun Shell, beautiful Vienna, and contemporary Adena Crystal Chandeliers are among Metavaya's five magnificent products. These items perfectly capture fashion, allure, and personality. With these brilliant luminous stones, let's shine light into obscure corners!

Round Chandeliers

Dive headfirst into the glistening world of round chandeliers, where a symphony of luminous beauty is created by blending design eras from modern to vintage, crystal to minimalist. Each fashion creates a unique tale of grace and charm that mesmerizes spectators with its seductive attractiveness.

The shining forerunner of this glimmering reign is Metavaya, with its breathtaking array of goods. Each of them shares the ring or circle chandelier's ageless charm, but each also adds distinctive details that make them shine like stars in the night sky.

The Aquitaine Round Chandelier, an homage to French simplicity, comes first. Its thin black threads suspend solid brass forms, producing a fascinating and calming dance of light and shadow. It's as though you've entered a stylish Parisian loft with quiet sophistication and understated grace.

Then there's the Brass Leaves Chandelier, exuding an air of vintage luxury. Picture an old-world ballroom with high ceilings and ornate moldings, where the chandelier hangs like a golden crown, its leaf-shaped crystal shade catching the light in a dazzling display of opulence.

And who could forget the Fun Shell Chandelier? This isn't just a light fixture; it's a carnival of reflections held aloft by a high-gloss chrome-plated frame. The shell disc chains playfully filter light, creating a cascade of shadows and highlights – a true spectacle for sight!

The Vienna Chandelier captures the elegant fragility of glass petals delicately arranged on a gold frame. At the same time, the Adena Crystal Chandelier brings a sprinkle of modernity with its diamond-shaped crystal bead design. Each adds a different note to the round chandelier melody, yet all contribute to a harmonious composition that resonates with charm, elegance, and style.


Size and Dimensions

Venturing into the world of round chandeliers, size, and dimension are the unsung heroes that enhance your space's aesthetics. They trip the light fantastic with their proportional harmony, ensuring that your chosen ring or circle chandelier radiates beauty from every angle.

Circle chandeliers usually come in a variety of sizes, from petite beauties perfect for cozy nooks to grandiose showstoppers suited for vast spaces. The dimensions can range widely, with diameters as small as 10 inches for intimate settings and up to 48 inches or more for those grand halls begging for a hint of drama.

Choosing the perfect size, however, is where Metavaya shines bright. Their Aquitaine Round Chandelier, with its minimalist design, can seamlessly fit into smaller rooms without overwhelming the space. Contrast this with the Brass Leaves Chandelier, a larger, vintage piece that commands attention and fills larger rooms with an inviting glow.

Selecting the right size involves considering room proportions and ceiling height. Generally, for every foot of room height, your chandelier should be 2-3 inches in diameter. So, if your room has an 8-foot ceiling, a chandelier between 16-24 inches would add just the right amount of sparkle. But remember, rules are there to be broken in the pursuit of beauty!

Whether you're seeking a compact ring chandelier to illuminate your reading corner or a majestic circle chandelier to own your dining room, Metavaya's range of products offers a symphony of sizes that dance to the tune of style and practicality.

Brass Leaves Chandelier

Materials, Durability, and Construction

In their myriad forms, round chandeliers – ring or circle, large or small – are a perfect blend of materials, durability, and construction. They're like prized jewels crafted with precision and care, and each element is chosen for its ability to capture light and charm one's senses.

The material palette used in round chandelier production largely comprises metal, glass, and crystal. Each material brings a unique texture and quality to the table, creating a harmony that sings 'beauty in diversity.'

Metavaya's collection is a ballet of these materials. Take the Aquitaine Round Chandelier: its solid brass forms and slender black cords testify to the metal's resilience and versatility. Then we have the Brass Leaves and Adena Crystal Chandeliers, both showcasing how crystal can lend an aura of luxury and sophistication to any setting. Also, don't forget the Vienna Chandelier, where hand-formed glass petals create an enchanting dance of light and elegance.

When it comes to durability, rest assured! Metavaya's ring and circle chandeliers are constructed to withstand time's test, ensuring your spaces stay illuminated for years. They combine robustness with aesthetics, proving that strength and beauty can indeed go hand-in-hand.

In the end, selecting the right round chandelier is about appreciating the interplay of materials and understanding their roles in durability and design.

Fun Shell Chandelier

Lighting Choices and Effects

In the radiant universe of round chandeliers, be they ring or circle ones, they're more than just decorative pieces. They are the conjurers of light and shadow, casting a glow that can transform your space.

Choosing the right bulb for your round chandelier is like picking the star that will illuminate your personal galaxy. With their warm, inviting glow, incandescent bulbs might be a classic choice, but LED bulbs, known for their energy efficiency and longevity, are fast becoming favorites.

Metavaya's chandeliers come equipped with innovative lighting solutions. For instance, their Aquitaine Round Chandelier features a default warm light LED bulb but also offers customization with cold light bulbs, both dimmable upon request. On the other hand, the Adena Crystal Chandelier comes with an integrated LED offering different color temperatures to suit your mood and environment.

Creating desired lighting effects then becomes a magical affair. You could have a soft, ambient glow for a cozy evening or a bright shining light for those lively gatherings – it's all about setting the right mood. The Fun Shell Chandelier goes one step further with its shell disc chains, creating a fascinating play of light and shadows.

Ultimately, choosing lighting for your round chandelier isn't just about brightness levels-it's about creating an atmosphere, a vibe, and a feeling.

Vienna Chandelier

Installation, Wiring, and Safety Guidelines

Breathe new life into your living space with an elegant piece of radiance - round chandeliers. Often referred to as ring or circle chandeliers, these spherical luminous beauties are captivating centerpieces, adding grace and warmth to any room. But before this celestial body illuminates your world, ensure its installation is smooth sailing.

Firstly, the location you choose for your chandelier is crucial. Inching towards the center of the room? Perfect! It's where a round chandelier truly belongs, filling the area with symmetrical light distribution. Ensure you have adequate ceiling height to avoid head bumps and bruises.

Next, we enter the realm of wiring - the lifeblood of your glittering galaxy. You may find the wires color-coded: black (hot), white (neutral), and green (ground). At this point, our friend, Metavaya's round chandelier provides a straightforward manual, making the process as easy as pie. However, remember to turn off the power from the main circuit before wiring, lest you want to get zapped into the next century!

Safety goggles and insulated gloves are no less than your trusty knights in shining armor, safeguarding you throughout your ring chandelier installation journey. And while you might be an avid DIY enthusiast, if the wiring seems intimidating, don't hesitate to summon an electrician.

Step back, flick the switch, and let the cosmos descend upon your room once the circle chandelier's wired up. Enjoy the heavenly spectacle of your safe and correctly installed chandelier.

Adena Crystal Chandelier

Affordability and Budget Considerations

As you embark on your quest for the perfect round chandelier, remember that elegance and affordability can indeed coexist. Price ranges fluctuate across an array of designs and brands.

Round chandeliers, also known as ring chandeliers or circle chandeliers, may have price tags ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands. It truly depends on the materials used, design complexity, and the brand's reputation. Metavaya offers a delightful range of affordable options without compromising aesthetics or quality. Think of it as catching a shooting star without breaking the bank!

But where should one shop for these celestial wonders? Brick-and-mortar stores offer in-person viewing, which is great for those indecisive moments. However, time and tide wait for no man! Online marketplaces are becoming the preferred hunting grounds for globe trotters in search of their perfect circle chandeliers, providing wide assortments and competitive pricing.

Comparison is key. Review prices across various retailers and online platforms before settling down. From Amazon's economical offerings to eBay's second-hand treasures and Metavaya's own portal with exclusive deals, a ring chandelier is waiting to grace your home within your budget.

As you journey through this galaxy of choices, remember this - choosing a round chandelier isn't just about the price; it's about finding a piece that lights up both your room and your heart.


In the grand universe of home decor, round chandeliers, be they ring or circle ones, truly shine. With Metavaya's enchanting range, you're certain to find a piece that fits your style, size, material preference, and budget. So, embrace this radiant journey, and let the perfect round chandelier light up your world with elegance, versatility, and a dash of celestial magic.

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