1. Introduction
  2. Step Lights
  3. Swing Arm Sconces
  4. Picture Light Sconces
  5. Uplights
  6. Bathroom Sconces
  7. Can I place two different wall sconces in the bedroom?
  8. Conclusion


This blog post will discuss the top five wall sconce types that work exceptionally well in bedrooms. We'll cover how features like adjustability, focused lighting, and moisture resistance can make these lights a versatile and convenient addition. With insights into optimal placement and energy-efficient bulb options, you'll have all the information needed to find the perfect bedroom wall sconces to meet your lighting needs and personal taste.

By the end, you'll understand the unique benefits of stair lights, swing arms, picture lights, uplights, and bathroom sconces. Our tips and recommendations aim to simplify your shopping experience so you can confidently choose lighting that will enhance your bedroom's comfort and ambiance. So read on to discover the best bedroom wall sconce styles and how to make the most of their specialized lighting effects.

Step Lights

Low-profile step lights placed along staircases, hallways, or pathways provide directed illumination to safely navigate these areas at night. Stair sconces feature downturned shades that concentrate light on individual steps, helping to prevent slips and falls. Step lights are installed directly against the vertical surface of stairs, walls, or floor edges. Opt for LED or efficient halogen fixtures to keep energy use minimal.

Position step lights at regular intervals based on the length and direction of the pathway. You can place them closer together on longer staircases or dark, winding halls. You also need to make sure the light covers each tread fully without glare. Step sconce styles like thin strips or small, recessed rectangles blend in subtly during the day. When switched on at night, they form a guiding path of light.

Swing Arm Sconces

Swing arm sconces contain adjustable joints that allow you to direct the light beam where needed most. Extend the arm over a bed for convenient reading light at night. Tilt and swivel to reduce glare and customize the lighting effects.

Wall Sconces for Bedroom

Clamp-mount swing arm sconces attach securely to desks, headboards, and tables, while wall-mounted versions incorporate the adjustable arm into a fixed base. You can opt for a plug-in electric cord over hardwired fixtures for easier installation anywhere. You can also choose LED lamps for superior energy efficiency and less heat. Paint or finish the base and arm to complement your room's color scheme.

Swing arm sconces offer targeted illumination for spotlighting books, crafts, or cooking tasks. Their flexible head makes it easy to position the light beam in any setting.

Picture Light Sconces

Picture light sconces illuminate wall art, photos, or decorative displays with a focused light beam. Discreet profiles like simple rods or minimalist rectangles blend against walls for an understated look. Adjustable shades direct light precisely on the area you want to be accented.

Wall Sconces for Bedroom

Install picture light sconces above eye level, keeping the fixture centered over the art. This top-down lighting helps reduce glare on the glass and highlights finer details. Using the same light color temperature as your room's general lighting creates a cohesive aesthetic.

Picture sconces come in plug-in or hardwired versions. Choose energy-saving LED bulbs and smart technology for the greatest efficiency and control. With the touch of a button, your wall décor becomes the focal point of any room.


Uplights behind or above the bed cast ambient illumination on the wall and headboard. The light reflects and adds a subtle glow, creating a calming effect that is perfect for the bedroom. Uplights come in slim vertical orientations or rounded semi-flush designs.

For safety, opt for cool LEDs or fluorescent bulbs to prevent fire risks from heat. Install uplights about a foot from the wall and at least 18 inches above the mattress. Choose adjustable sconces to fine-tune the light placement and minimize glare.

Wall Sconces for Bedroom

Pair uplights with side table lamps or overhead fixtures on dimmers. The ambient uplighting sets the mood, while task lighting supports actual needs like reading a book in bed. Bring a warm, welcoming glow to your bedroom with these transformative sconces.

Bathroom Sconces

Moisture-resistant bathroom sconces provide clear, shadow-free lighting for bathing and grooming tasks. Position matching fixtures on each side of the bathroom mirror. Direct one light source to illuminate each side of the face, reducing unflattering shadows.

Look for bathroom sconces rated IP44 or higher to resist condensation and steam. Glass shades should be safety-tempered to prevent cracks or breakage. For kids' bathrooms, soft LED or nightlight-style sconces prevent harsh glare.

Sconces keep hazardous objects like toothbrush holders and razors visible on the vanity top. Place other bathroom sconces inside the shower area or above sinks to supplement the central mirror lights. With strategically positioned sconces, you'll stay comfortably visible even in steamy conditions.

Wall Sconces for Bedroom

With endless sconce styles to choose from, you may be wondering if you can mix and match. In fact, combining two complementary yet distinct sconces can take your bedroom lighting from boring to beautiful.

Can I place two different wall sconces in the bedroom?

Absolutely! Don't feel limited to just one wall sconce style when designing your bedroom lighting. Thoughtfully combining two different sconces can add visual intrigue and expanded lighting functionality. Choose sconces that vary in form but share a cohesive finish for a winning mix.

Such as pairing sleek, adjustable swing arm sconces by the bed for reading with boxy stair-step lights along the staircase to illuminate nighttime pathways safely. Or, flanking the bed with matching picture lights to spotlight art while bathing the headboard area in the soft glow of linear uplights. Ensure both sconce types coordinate in scale, color temperature, and finish. The right mix of sconce styles casts beautiful, multifunctional lighting. So feel free to get creative and choose a pairing that brings added flair, purpose, and personality to your bedroom!


Wall sconces are a versatile lighting option that can serve various functions in the bedroom. The right sconces can provide task lighting, accent lighting, ambient lighting, and safety lighting as needed.

Follow our tips to find the ideal wall sconces for your bedroom's unique needs and style. The right lighting can make your bedroom more inviting, functional, and tailored to your daily routines. Our top five sconce picks offer beauty, versatility, and purpose-driven illumination. With properly designed lighting, your bedroom can become a personalized oasis.

Let us know if you need assistance finding the perfect bedroom sconces for your space and lighting goals. We're happy to help create a customized lighting plan that enhances your bedroom's comfort and ambiance.

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